New Half in Thailand


This recently, I feel there were many matters concerning New Half happened around me. First, about the beginning of last month, therewere 2 New Halfs come to have an interview at my company. That day, Icoincidentally met 1 woman in front of the entrance. She was looking forHuman Resource Department. So after having a short talk and I becameto know that she was coming for an interview, I decided to take herthere. But after that I got to be shocked when I asked her namebecause her name was just the guy name. Since she dressed and made up
like woman, also she was thin and small, besides her voice sounded like woman's voice, that's why I didn't notice at all. Anyway I heardthat this kind of matter was the first time for the company so itbecame the most popular topic in the company for a big while.

Then 2-3 weeks before when I was sitting in some shop at MBK department store, there was a group of 15 year-old teenager came in.All of them was wearing the same fashion. That was short-pants andcamisole. But what I was surprised is that there was 1 boy in thatgroup. Although he had the same fashion with the rest of the girls buthis haircut was almost skinhead also his eyebrow was so thick andblack. It was definitely contrast with his dress. That's why I was wondered what he really wanted to do. I am sure that he would like to be a girl but may be he just couldn'tdo anything much more than that due to the school rule.

Again, the last day there was an interview of Tum-Parinya ,the famous New Half boxing player, in some variety program. Tum-Parinya today was completely being a woman in some meaning. After having an operation,she seemed so happy with her new body and new lifestyle. Because from now she doesn't have to be worry no more when she wants to wear any kind of woman dress or if she can find some guy she loves, she can get along with him as girlfriend. Besides the most important thing was that one part of her body she'd never wanted was already gone. By the way, she still keep on going to train boxing at the gym since she also loves to play boxing. But the problem is she just can't play hard like before anymore. However she said she didn't feel regret with that at all. Anyhow, in the near future there will be a drama based on her true story showing in Thailand. Her fans please don't miss it. Talking about that, there are 2 Thai movies concerning New Half showing in the theatre now. One is the story about New Half cheer leader named “Wai Boom Cheer Krahum Lok”. Another one is “Satri Lek Part 2” what is called in Japan “Attack Number Half Part 2”. Anyone who have already watched part 1, please watch part 2 again.

In short, due to these matters, it can be said that Thai people started to accept New Half much more that before. Perhaps New Half today is creative and has high ability. Also has courage to show off. The New Half show is one example. It is so popular that many of tourists said that if not watch it, then not arrive Thailand. Anyway, no matter you are guy, woman, or New Half, if you don't do bad thing or make trouble to other people, then you won't get blamed by anyone…

………The End………